Lemon Butter

Our Lemon Butter has delicious tones of tangy citrus sweetened with organic honey and finely whipped to a smooth consistency with eggs and pectin. No artificial colorings or flavorings.



Our Lemon Butter has a bright citrus flavor and sunny color. Made by gently cooking a mixture of fresh lemon juice, honey, butter, eggs and pectin until thickened, it is divine on toast, pancakes or blueberry muffins. Our tangy sweet Lemon Butter also makes a wonderful filling for cakes, tarts and cookies. A dollop of lemon butter tastes delicious with a slice of pound cake, too.

INGREDIENTS: Lemon, honey, eggs, butter, pectin

DIRECTIONS: Refrigerate after opening.

Additional information

Weight7.8 oz
Dimensions3.15 × 3 × 5.25 in


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