We’ve lowered our shipping prices too, as a thank you, to our loyal customers.

We are grateful to IQUITSUGAR.COM for Rating North Shore Goodies #1 for natural peanut butters.   Please visit their website to read up on the their review of the peanut butter brands.


1. North Shore Goodies Coconut Peanut Butter, $7.00 (USD)

I Quit Sugar - I Quit Sugar - Tasted and tested! Which natural peanut butter brand is best?

Rachel: “No. I refuse to believe this is just peanuts and coconut. There has to be a secret ingredient. How does it taste so good? It’s so tropical and creamy and sweet and salty and… what are the Hawaiians hiding from us?”

Mai:Ok, now it’s my turn to be biased! I tried this on a trip to a Hawaii a few years back and have been an addict ever since! The label promises it’s only made of peanuts and coconut but I swear there’s a magical something extra in there. I have unashamedly placed multiple orders with my American friend (thank you Ricky!) to deliver this stuff to me in Australia.”

9 Responses

  1. My Girlfriend Lara, brought me a jar of this wonderful, gooey, yummy, delectable, tasty, salty, sweet, and nutty coconut p/b that I couldn’t believe had only a couple of ingredients in it and more importantly, no sugar! What a treat! I’m in heaven. Goodbye Skippy, Jiffy, Laura Scudders, whatever….HELLO North Shore Goodies, and Thank You!!!!!

  2. I hand a little coconut peanut butter on some crackers today till my wife caught me with it, we were running low and she said I could not have any more being i,m not
    going on the next trip there when she will buy more. Its great. .I’m scared to go as the last trip to Maui was supposed to be 8 days , and I ended up in the hospital for
    9 days with phenomia. anyhow I’m going to order some right now.

  3. Had this back in 2011 and thought I had died and gone to heaven!! How can I get this shipped to Canada PLEASE!!

  4. Where did you go??? I call the local number, been dis-connected!! Got VM on the 800 number. No coconut peanut butter anywhere I can find on this island. What gives Brah??? Did you close?? Please don’t say yes……..

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We’ve lowered our shipping prices too, as a thank you, to our loyal customers.
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